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The general ideology about the need of verification in Indian market is quite different from rest of the world.  It is alarming to see that while about 70% of the domestic segment in tier 1 and tier 2  cities avail services of housemaid, baby caretaker, driver, elderly care, watchman, security guard and other helpers, only 1% of them consider verifying helper’s background before hiring them. This has led to a gradual increase in the number of crimes in residential premises, as also reflects in National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) reports. Advisories issued from government and authorities from time to time go unnoticed. We conducted exhaustive market research to understand the customer psychology behind these trends and it led to following important conclusions –  

  • First and most common perception comes from the fact that majority of the people hire helpers through reference from friends and family and therefore they find it unnecessary to verify their background.
  • Second category of people are those who, often in the need of quickly hiring a helper, overlook verifying their credentials. They have a sense of fear of losing the helper if he or she discovers about the verification being done.
  • A majority of people feel that the verification process is complex, time consuming and requires follow up with local authorities.

Surprisingly, businesses are no different. Smaller and medium businesses often see it as just a cost to their company, with no real value addition, while others do it for mere compliance and fear of losing out to competitors. The process for businesses isn’t simple either. It starts by inviting quotations from multiple verification vendors and then negotiating with each of them for the best deal. Once the deal is signed, a dedicated team needs to follow up overs emails and phones for every candidate on a routine basis, as 80% of the verification companies are still offline with minimal resources, geographical constraints and limited exposure to technology.

We are striving to bring the change. AUTHBLUE is on a mission to make background checks simple, accessible and affordable to masses in India leveraging state of the art technology.


  • We built this marketplace portal and partnered with some of the leading verification companies to join us. Business customers can now generate quotations from multiple companies in one click on a single page. 
  • Customers can either choose a verification vendor of their choice or go for Authblue Value Pack which combines verification and pricing from different vendors to build the package, which is guaranteed to be up to 40% cheaper than their current vendor.
  • We started our unique Success Packs catering to needs of different business segments in order to make verification a rewarding experience and not just a cost to the company.
  • The entire ordering process is online, unified and with simple forms available in the portal. Customers need not to worry about different processes followed by different vendors.
  • Post order support is online in the form of chatter feeds. Any additional documentation or information can be shared easily via online feeds reducing the effort in following up on each candidate’s profile.
  • Public APIs are made available for seamless integration with applicant tracking and other HR management tools.
  • Payments and invoicing is made easy and online within the portal. Detailed reporting and analytics is also made available.
  • Switching vendors is easy, without changing any of your existing processes or workflows.



  • Domestic users can sign up on our portal and place online orders for physical address verification and criminal background check of any helpers that they hire.
  • Our portal resembles e-commerce websites for simple shopping cart like experience.
  • Order tracking, activity monitor and chatter feeds are available on a single page for easy viewing.
  • No follow up required with any local authorities.
  • Pricing is very affordable and coupons codes are available to get benefited.
While we continue to build systems using state of the art technologies, our on field heroes are working on spreading awareness in the society. Lets take a pledge to build a safer ecosystem together.


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