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address Verification

Physical address verification
Current or permanent address of an individual is the first touch point in case of any enquiry. Address Verification / Physical Address Check establishes the genuity of the provided address.

Quick Overview

  • For metro / tier 1 cities, it typically takes 5 – 7 working days
  • For tier 2 and tier 3 cities, it takes between 7 to 10 working days. 
  • Any document which has Detailed Address in it like ID Cards or Utility Bills(Gas, Electricity, Phone, etc)
  • Phone no of the candidate
  • Consent of the candidate for address to be searched.
  • Verified address details
  • Tenure of stay
  • Nature of ownership
  • Photograph of establishment
  • Geolocation
  • Details of any individuals and references staying at the provided address.

What Is Address Verification ?

An Address Verification / Physical Address Check helps validate the address of stay provided by an individual while applying for a job, credit or any other purposes.

Address verification is primarily of two types:

  1. Permanent address.
  2. Temporary / current / past address.

What is permanent address ?

  • A permanent address is the type of address which is registered in the form of a sale agreement in the office of registrar of the respective location, either in the name of the candidate, parents or family members.
  • Government documents such as voter id card, ration card, driving license, passport and aadhaar typically contain the permanent address of an individual, however the authorities do not mandate the same.

What is temporary address ?

  • Temporary address is typically a place of stay for a short duration, mostly rented, leased or as a paying guest.
  • Temporary address verification is important but generally not sufficient for issuing credit or any other fiscal purposes. Permanent address verification is must.

Why is address verification necessary ?

  • Address is the first touch point in the case of an enquiry related to absenteeism, disciplinary issues, violations, credit defaults or any criminal or civil cases. Address verification establishes that the address provided by an individual at the time of joining the company or availing credit is genuine and belongs to either him/her or the family members.
  • This also helps in any kind of future correspondence with the individual without the risk of sending documents and other sensitive details to someone unintended.

How is address verification done ?

  • An on field executive visits the provided address with the documents shared. 

Key outcomes:

  • Validates if the address provided exists.
  • Tenure of stay is recorded with the help of reference who is found to be staying at the address provided at present.
  • Nature of ownership is confirmed either verbally or with the help of a sale agreement shared by the reference at will.
  • Geo location of the premises is recorded on a device.
  • Photographs of the house and any prominent landmarks are taken.
  • If in case the door is found locked , the officer goes ahead and verifies the details from people residing in the neighbourhood.


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