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Drug TEst for employees

Simple urine tests for detecting traces of  restricted substances (drugs) and alcohol.

Quick Overview

  • 5 business days
  • Urine sample from the candidate as prescribed by the lab with respect to the test.
  • The current state of drug abuse
  • Types of drugs consumed

What Is Drug Test / Drug Screening ?

Drug test is a method of checking a person’s biological samples like blood, urine, hair, sweat, breathe etc. for traces of drugs / alcohol. The drug test for the purpose of employment verification typically involves urine test for presence of traces of any restricted / prohibited substances.

What are the types of drug  test ?

  • 5 panel
  • 7 panel
  • 9 panel

These values signify the number of restricted substances that are covered as part of the test. E.g. a 5 panel test covers 5 types of drugs and so on. 

How is the drug test  performed ?

  • We collaborate with reputed testing laboratories and work in sync with our clients to design and maintain effective and flexible employee drug testing programs .
  • While conducting such tests we also ensure the employees right to privacy.

What are the prerequisites for drug test ?

  • The test consists of a simple urine sample collection procedure. Consult the team for detailed requirements.

Why is drug test necessary ?

  • To improve worker safety and health
  • To avoid workplace hazards
  • Drug abuse delays response time making prone to accidents.
  • Prevent employee absenteeism.
  • Drugs hamper employee productivity
  • Drug users are a big threat to organizations dealing with sensitive data


  • We recommend this test for all clinical, educational and financial businesses while hiring employees.

Key outcomes

  • Current state of drug abuse (Every drug traces stay in the sample for a certain amount of time and can be detected within that time frame only)
  • Types of drugs consumed


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